In Your Own Words

Steve coaches Maribel on what he wants the cops to know. But yeah put it in your own words there Maribel.

Though it's never actually been written anywhere, nor really elaborated on, I've toyed with the notion a long time that there were more to Steve's cybernetic eyes than basic vision. So you, my dear readers get the first hint what I've been thinking. They're complex self contained processors. Why couldn't they include things like barcode reading, data analysis... etc...

Haven't worked out all of what Steve's eyes were designed to do. Turner wanted him to be enhanced, not just his augmeted strength, but other augmented abilities as well. Turner was REALLY bad about telling Steve what he was retrofitted with and capable of. Lied to him about why his temperature regulation was off. He was just a bad boss and a horrible doctor.

Updated Sidebar!

Lookie lookie! The sidebar now has the updated link to Mercenaries and Angels!(I can't believe I hadn't taken off the old Authorhouse link...WTF?). Preorders for the Second Edition of M and A are available NOW! Print copies will be available on April 1st!