Don't you just hate it when your plan doesn't fall out the way you want it to? YEAH, Evidently that rebar is in there tighter than he was hoping. And Q takes advantage of the lag! EEEEEE!!! <_< >_> >_<

Application season

Thank you for all who applied! Keep an eye out in the first weeks of September for news on our new acceptances! We had lots of great applications! Going to be another hard season to decide!


I have found out the hard way the past couple of years, that October is a nose to the grindstone month for teachers. Additionally I will be using my weekends for some extracurricular activity away from my computer. Weekends are normally the times that I work on my comic pages. SO... to keep from having to go into an emergency hiatus, I made the concious decision to simply schedule one.

The Hiatus will start October 1 and last through the 30th. In that timeframe I will be building something of a buffer as I can.

What can you do to help? Glad you asked! I am hoping to cover the time I'm gone with fan arts/fan comics/or fan stories... if you'd like help ease the readership during my absence, please contact me using the contact button above right! :) I will love you forever. All contributed artwork will get full credits for the assist! So please include the name/alias you'd like me to include as well as a link to where people can see your awesomeness! :)