Scared Me

David gathers his wits again and heads back to see how Tom fares. Looks like the serum is working? Tom's at least not face down on the floor anymore. He still doesn't look at all good though.

I know it's hard to see, but David doesn't give a second glace at Bull's body there in cell three... :P as it should be if you ask me!

Spiderforest Applicaton Season Approacheth!

That's right! It's almost that time again! Remember that if you've applied before with the same Intellectual Property, you must starting this year hit up the forums to solicit critique before reapplying this season! Even if you're trying to apply for the first time community involvement is encouraged and critique before application is recommended! :)

Applications will be accepted starting February 1st through the 18th! Check out the Apply Page for FAQ and membership expectations! :)