A Little Help?

A Bit of a Different Look

Okay interesting (if frustrating) story here. You may notice the title looks a tad different this page. YEAH...

Well on my trip to Vegas, my tablet (using the wonderful world of non-restricted internet access) downloaded and installed quite a few pending updates. One of the updates along the while decided that it didn't like my Photoshop CS4 program.

One day it was working and the next, lock ups, black screens and high RAM usage.... X( Tad bit of a freakout here... to say the least.

I've had Clip Studio Pro on my comp for a while now with the "I'mma gonna use this on my NEXT comic effort (Michael)" but had no intentions of trying to learn a new interface in the middle of an existing comic.. change in styles and all that.

WELLLL.... best laid plans of mice and men I guess. As NOTHING I did (even rolling back the latest WIN 10 build) fixed the issue with the photoshop program, I even tried backwards compatibility and while that stopped the lock ups and freezes, it was still uber slow to react to my inputs. :(

So I got a CRASH COURSE in how to do the same things on Clip Studio Paint Pro. WOOO... O_o needless to say I will be having to use the program for nearly everything from here on in. :( so even the font is not like I want it. Dang it....

Spiderforest Podcasts!

The Spiderforest Comic Collective has been recording their first season of podcasts and have started releasing them every two weeks!

You can catch up with the podcasts already there by visiting the Podcast link

This week the third podcast will go live! And it's all about RETCON!

Been considering doing it but are unsure of the pro's and cons? Join KEZ, Christina Major, And G-pike as they discuss their experiences with the process!

Special interview with Karen Rindevall!

There will be a discord chat the saturday following if you've got things you'd like to say regarding the podcast! :)