Ass With a Pump

Now that Ben has finally made his appearance (And subsequent disappearance) I can show off some of the art that features him. I've done it before but it's been a while!

This particular picture is more recent and is actually a scene from In the Begining where in one of Ben's many battles an opponent gets the jump on him with a shotgun. Good thing they didn't aim for his face. Most of the pellets bounce off but a few of them make it into the area of his shoulder joint.

This is THE FIRST TIME I have EVER attempted to show what the fairings hide on Tom/Ben... considering that aspect I think it came out rather well!

Comic of the Week Starts!

That's right! Each year starting about a month and a half after our application season we put on a Comic of the Week cross promotion! Each week I will be showcasing two comics from the collective! Be on the lookout! It starts NEXT MONDAY! (October 3rd)