NSFW (I mean it yall!) Time for Dessert

I thought I was going to be able to manage a Valentine's special for each title, but time got away from me yet again.

However! This idea has been in my head for a WHILE!

I'll be honest... it embarrasses me a little to have drawn this. Not for the reasons you think... I've done suggested sex before, no real biggie. However... if you think back to Tom's personality, he's not really up to (or into) showing off what science has made of him. So as I think back... I've NEVER drawn Tom completely naked before. EVER. And he's been in my stable of characters since about 1991. O_o

So... yeah I love it, and I blush over it at the same time.

This comes from a passage in the upcoming Brothers Martin Novella: "Promises, Promises" Where it is mentioned that Sarah's always loved the disparity between the chill of the titanium and the warmth of the flesh. So yeah, my brain went here!

I hope you like it!

Happy Valentines/Singles Day!