Tiger (David) By Mitsukaiten

Tigershark by Mitsukaiten

AAAA spontaneouos fan art is always amazing to get... and this is no exception to the rule! Mitsu's comic Arbalest was featured last week on the COTW rotation (And WHY DIDN'T I MATCH THIS UP?? *HEADDESK*)Seems she caught him in one of his more CHILL Moments!

Comics of the Week - Week 4

Spare Keys for Strange Doors Written by Lucy lyall (Current Arc's art by Tiana)

In a world where the Paranormal is a bit more normal than you think, two paranormal investigators help keep the more uncouth of them under control.

Heracles Knot by miliabyntite

A bloody history, a dread fae illness. Being a Warden for the Order is not all it's cracked up to be for Leiland and Jada!