Is it True?

Well in not so many words! I mean this page was difficult for me because of Blue's speech limitations. How does she ask "Are you my Daddy?" if she has no speech? LOL I hope this doesn't come off as corny as hell, but it is a "conversation" that happens between them.

A Short Term Schedule Change

Those of you who've been keeping up wit me via twitter have already been made aware of this, but I wanted to let the rest of my readership in on it as well. I have been slammed the past few weeks, under a lof of pressure from many different directions, and I realize that something's got to give. I can't back out of my work obligations, so unfortunately it's got to be the art program that gets cut (isn't it always the way), so for the next few weeks (and hopefully ONLY the next few weeks) I will be scaling back to a once every two weeks update for this title. The opposing week will be filled with filler art such as old concepts, or new fan art or whatever I can muster.