Dearly Beloved...

So it begins! :)

You'll note that the text trails off into gibberish... two reasons, in the story, Tom tunes out on all the middlin' stuff, and only tunes back in during the vows. The other reason was I didn't really want to type out the entire wedding script (even the short cute ones)

I'm so tickled to be finally getting to the VOWS... I wrote them, and I think they fit these two so well...

Before I spoil things... moving on.

Spiderforest August Application Season

That's right, it's that time of year again! If you have a long form or strip comic with 15 or more pages (preferably at least one non-prologue chapter completed) and are looking to join a community of like-minded creators, look no further!

Now through August 20th (LESS THAN A WEEK PEOPLE!) Spiderforest will be opening applications for membership! Please stop by The Apply Page for more informaton.

Those reapplying should be already requesting critique of their work at The Forums to have time to address any issues before applications open!

Good Luck to all who apply!