David Theodore Scott, III
AKA: Tigershark
Age: 32
Height: 72"
Weight: 185

A product of an illegal mutagenic experiment, Tigershark, known to his friends as David Scott, has been on the recieving end of gemue prejudice for the better part of six years. He knows all too well how bad gemue-kind has it.

Things only stand to get worse with a mutagenic virus spreading through the coastal towns.

He's determined to find the cause and stop the spread of M219 before it pushes purists to do something radical about his kind. Only... he can't do it alone.

Angelina Cortez
AKA: Angel
Age: 28
Height: 67"
Weight: 140

Angelina and David have only recently patched things up and mended their broken relationship.

She's still reeling from her recently completed gemue transformation. The last thing she wants to deal with is someone purposely seeding the oceans with carriers of a mutagenic plague.

Like David, she's determined to head things off before a war starts between human purists and gemue-kind.

Steven Daniel Martin
Age: 38
Height: 72"
Weight: 325 (Cybernetics are NOT light)

Steve's life has always been a rocky one, but it's looking up now that Maribel has rejoined his lonely existence.

It only lasts so long as he gets dragged into the fray of mutagenic carriers and the fight to find cure and cause.

His brother insists on getting involved in the investigation and unwilling to let Tom go it alone, he follows suit. Despite his personal feelings over gemues, and his bitter rivalry with the sharkmue, Tigershark, he knows he's got a role to play - he just doesn't realize the extent of that role.

Thomas Jacob Martin
AKA: Ben
Age: 36
Height: 76"
Weight: 210

Tom's still slowly rebuilding a somewhat normal life after a series of tragic and horrific events.

He finds himself in the center of a brand new brewing disaster when gemues barge into his emergency room and prevent him from one more near death experience - exposing himself to a deadly mutagenic virus.

Without thought, he volunteers his time and limited gemue expertise to help Tigershark and Angelina find a vaccine - maybe even a cure to the brewing plague. He doesn't quite fathom the toll it will take on his try for normalcy.