David Theodore Scott, III
AKA: Tigershark
Age: 32
Height: 72"
Weight: 185

David Scott grew up in a wealthy family. As a teenager, he became bored with his status and privilege, joined a gang of other kids in his affluent neighborhood who felt the same. They were responsible for violence and atrocities that most wouldn't associate with rich kids. Finding himself as the leader of his group also made him a target for someone more power hungry for the position - His "friend" shooting him in cold blood and left barely hanging on to life.

The stay in the hospital gave the young man a long time to think about where his life was heading, realizing that if he kept on the path he was traveling, one of his "friends" would succeed at killing him. It was the catalyst for him to make profound changes in his life. When he was released from his convalescence he applied himself in school, made constructive choices for his pastimes, and in less than two years went from an underachiever to a college scholarship winner.

Despite these changes to his life, his was a constant battle with the violent side of his nature. In times of stress, it became harder to control those tendencies.

It was exactly what Cortez needed when he was creating his mutant mercenary…

Captured by Cortez, experimented on illegally, David became the gemue "Tigershark." His body had been radically altered - his memory wiped clean and a new persona inserted. Tigershark worked as Cortez's mercenary for nearly a year, tying up loose ends that his boss couldn't be associated with legally.

It wasn't until Tigershark was assigned to track and kill an "information saboteur," Angelina Cortez, that he began to see chinks in that programming. Memories of a life he couldn't remember kept intruding on what he thought was his reality. With Angelina's help he was able to buck the programming and fight free of Cortez's influence - restoring David to his rightful place as the owner of that body.

Having given up his Mercenary ways, David became an advocate for gemue equality in a world that treats them worse than many of the minority groups in the history of the United States. He and Angelina are assigned to find out why gemues are popping up in the populations that can spread what they are - and stop it before it becomes public knowledge.

Once the humans know what is going on, gemue persecution will become violent - and eventually could lead to a civil war between the two genus of humans.

David can't allow that…

Angelina Cortez
AKA: Angel
Age: 28
Height: 67"
Weight: 140

Angelina had plans of escaping the detritus of her family life by going to college and then moving away from New Fresno. Her father's business had been absorbed by her uncle, and her mother wasn't taking it well - still pretending their small corner of the Cortez family still had money to burn.

The best laid plans…

She ended up stuck in New Fresno after graduating college, taking on small jobs here and there and hoping to find something bigger. When she ran into David Scott again, despite their college rivalry, she was happy to have found a familiar face. Their chat over lunch laid the foundation for a budding romance, and gave Angelina what she thought was the opportunity she was looking for.

David convinced her to join "The Movement" an anti-monopoly watchdog group. Their job was to ferret out information about illegal dealings within some of the largest megaglomerates in the area - and the two of them were very good at their job.

Then they were assigned to get the dirt on her uncle - Marlin Cortez.

Angelina escaped the experimentation before they had a chance to complete it, but not without damage done. She lost David - presumably killed - her body had been bleached white, and she was on the Lam from her uncle's personal army. Worse, their experimentation awakens a latent telepathy in her that has her hearing every thought around her -without training or controls over it. As bad as all that was, it only got worse when a gemue began tracking her - with the intent to kill her. Imagine her surprise and horror when she suspects the creature is her fiancée - radically changed and with no memory of their shared history…

David credits her for returning him control of his own body - his own future. That didn't mean that Angelina's dream of picking up where they left off before Cortez was realized. She began to doubt whether they would work as a couple and shunned him - fearful of her "friends" reaction to David's radically changed physical appearance. Rightfully, he told her where she could shove her attitude…

While she regretted the choice, she was too proud to admit her fault and apologize to him. For nine months he would have nothing to do with her - or her with him. But when her body began to mutate once again, she knew of nowhere else to turn. It has been a long tough five years for the both of them, but, somehow, they managed not only to become friends again, but re-established a love that never truly died.

Now the two of them have a different purpose - and it is being threatened by this mutagenic virus…

Steven Daniel Martin
Age: 38
Height: 72"
Weight: 325 (Cybernetics are NOT light)

Steve always thought that if he was going to get hurt, it was going to be in the line of duty as a Concord County Sheriff. A drive to his fiancée's house, just two miles down the road, seemed like a quick safe jaunt. He and his brother Tom were going there for dinner.

He never expected to be trying to avoid a drunk driver, never put his seat belt on, and never expected to be nearly crushed to death by his own vehicle. They did not consult him when they used him for cybernetic experiments, replacing his lost legs with enough hardware to pay for a new car. His entire world fell apart after the accident…his brother had been reported killed, he couldn't go back to his job as a sheriff, and the woman he thought would always be there for him, committed suicide over the false news that Steve was also dead.

Not knowing what else to do, Steve takes up Scott Turner's offer of a "muscle for hire" contract worker. The job takes him to the four corners of the globe as he takes on jobs that often make the sheriff in him cringe. During his time under Turner, he is injured tracking the leader of a yakuza faction in Hong Kong - losing his eyes and his voice under Takahira's torturous inquiry. Those injuries are healed, and he is given new sight and a new voice, but at the cost of more of his precious humanity.

He also meets up with a brother he'd been told was dead and realizes that his boss has been keeping a great deal more secrets from him. Livid for the deception he kills Turner, and then escapes to Kuala Lumpur - both to escape conviction for the murder and to enact his revenge on Takahira.

He never expected to fall in love again. Maribel Cho shows him that it can be worth trying for love and life again, and he comes to find he can't live without her.

Steve returns to the states after losing one of his cybernetic legs to an accident. Unable to get the repairs in Kuala Lumpur he is forced to leave her behind.

Six months later Maribel surprises him by showing up at his door, accepted to New Fresno State and ready to see if what they had in KL was real.

She's only in town for three days when Steve is the hapless witness to one of the worst threats New Fresno has ever seen. His brother insists on getting involved - and not willing to lose Tom all over again, Steve ensures he stays involved as well. Despite his personal feelings over gemues, and his bitter rivalry with the sharkmue, Tigershark, he knows he's got a role to play - he just doesn't realize the extent of that role.

Thomas Jacob Martin
AKA: Ben
Age: 36
Height: 76"
Weight: 210

Tom has been a doctor all his adult life - or so he's been told. There is a large hole in his long term memory as a result of the cybernetic experimentation performed on his body and his mind. All he knew was that when he returned from the desert…from the ghastly things Marcus continually programmed him to do, he wanted nothing more than to see Turner go down for his part in Tom's brainwashing.

Somehow, he was talked out of that, instead taking the "contract" of hush money and a place on the hospital staff. At thirty five, he was already given the head surgeon's job, a position many of his contemporaries said he was too young for. It didn't help that he freaked out every time he saw the blood and gore that came with his new profession - nor that he had the personality of a mouse for nearly a year and a half.

Even his co-workers noticed the change in him after that. Some switch was thrown, and he became more self-assured and competent in his job. For a long time no one knew just what had changed. Until they found out his secret…that he was a cyborg…

A series of bad experiences centered around his former patient, Mira Stevenson, left him in jail for assault, jobless, and questioning his own sanity. He did his time, paid restitution as required, and was forced to look for work outside of his long time home in Concord, California.

Finding a position on the staff at the New Fresno Medical Center, he and Mira, now engaged (again), relocate to be closer to his new place of employment. He even manages to invest in a small privately funded cybernetics facility so that he and Mira never have to worry about systemic problems.

He is on shift and chatting with his brother when the man arrives in his waiting room, carrying the deadly virus that has a 99% kill rate, and the 1% that survives are left looking turned inside out and contagious.

Tom places himself in a position to try and find a cure, before the virus becomes an epidemic - before Purists find out and use it as an excuse to round up gemues as a population, incarcerate them - possibly even kill them. He's going to find that it is a strain - not only on him and his brother - but on his relationship with Mira.