The Only Half Saga Rated: Mature

Cabal was born to a vampire mother and a human father. His father was turned by his mother, but then rejected her, leaving her alone and pregnant with a hybrid child neither vampire nor human society would accept. He has grown up as a being between worlds, never really having a home and never truly finding acceptance. The one person who loved him implicitly, his mother, goes mad with her attempts to get Renate back. Eventually Carmen blames Cabal for being rejected - for all the wrong in her life. When he is forced to kill her to survive, he finds his only motivation in tracking down his father and killing him. Revenge doesn.t always go as planned . and fate often has other designs in mind.

Midnight Rated: Mature

Sierra finds herself at a Halloween Party without the girl she thought was a life partner. While she loves the holiday all she can feels at the moment is hurt and betrayed. Even the party is boring, until she shows up.

Michael Rated: Teen

What would it be like to be a mutant in an "all human" high school. Michael Scott is about to find that out. For nearly 16 years, no one could look at him and pinpoint that he was a mutant. Puberty proves to him that his genetics will not stay hidden forever. This is the tale of how he handles the change and the attitudes of those around him.

Common Ground Rated: Mature

What would you do if you found yourself in a place where the laws of physics seem to have no sway - where an ancient vampire seems to be running the show - and you're not sure who you can trust out of the people in your party. You have to find common ground.