Du duh duhh.....

And cut to our interlude. Such a "welcoming" place isn't it? I'm still not sure the sheter looks grungy enough. Hopefully I can give that impression more fully once Angelina gains access to it.

That means next chapter is about to begin! Just in time for Christmas! LOL! Join us next week as "One Step Closer" begins, kicked off with a guest Cover by none other than Blue6 from "The Revolution"

Comic of the Week

This week's comic of the week is "The Sundown Boys" By Emma. She is another new addition to the collective from the most recent application season.

In a dystopian future society the US has been taken over and divided up by powerful multinational crime syndicates. The Sundown Boys are part of the enforcement arm. But what if they start to find out that their purpose isn't what they expected? The story is still developing and the plot is very interesting. Art is clean and easy to follow. You really should give it a read!