Something to Read

This is a rush job... not my best work, but things have been so hectic the past few weeks that my time to art has dwindled significantly.

That being said... this will begin a mere week's hiatus. That means that "One Last Time" (The next chapter coming up), will pick up on March 28th. I am going to use Spring Break to try and get a meager buffer for both comics!

On April 4th will start the 10 year anniversary celebration of Plague! Plague began as a webcomic on April 7th, 2006! So to keep from messing up the schedule we're going to start just a WEEEEE bit early!

I'm nailing down details on which contest I want to start first... that means there are prizes on the line for my followers!

Stay tuned for details!

Thank you for your support and understanding!


Another application season has come and gone and we had our hands full trying to narrow down the field! We accepteed ten amazing comics! Being that there are so many, we're going to welcome them in lots! Our first batch is a set of high fantasy adventures!

Tamuran: Two brothers make a deal to ascend to the throne, but the consequences were unexpected.

Soul's Journey a story about a young prince cursed to wear a wolf's form. He must find a way to break it and reclaim his throne.

Halflight a dark elf leads a dangerous double life.