The Venue

It was Fun While it Lasted

Soooo... having two updates a week was definitely accomplishing my goal of getting Plague done faster so I could move on my plans with Michael. HOWEVER, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

I'm starting to resent arting... and that is NEVER a good thing. I get up every morning knowing that I HAVE to do a comic page or else I'll fall behind in production. Takes all the fun right out of it. Recognizing it has made me realize that I either slow my production, or I force myself into a place where I hate what I'm doing and the quality of the work is going to suffer.

Another reason is I have about two weeks before I go back to work (Schoolteacher)... that is DEFINITELY going to impact my ability to do art except at specific times. In fact I need to start planning for the first few weeks starting late next week.

With these dynamics in place, I have made the decision to drop Plague back to a weekly schedule. I'm a bit bummed because it does slow down the roll out of Michael (cause God I'm not trying to update three comics at the same time).

Thanks for your support in this matter!

That brings me up to another item...


I will be planning for a month long hiatus of whatever comics are still running in the month of October.

I have weekend demands throughout that month, as well as grading for class. Together it makes it close to impossible to regularly work on art.

I am requesting fan art from my readers to help me populate that month with updates! So if you have been looking for a reason to gift me some art, it would be really meaningful during that time!

Spiderforest August Application Season!

That's right, it's that time of year again! If you have a long form or strip comic with 15 or more pages (preferably at least one non-prologue chapter completed) and are looking to join a community of like-minded creators, look no further!

Starting August 1st and running through the 20th Spiderforest will be opening applications for membership! Please stop by The Apply Page for more informaton.

Those reapplying should be already requesting critique of their work at The Forums to have time to address any issues before applications open!

Good Luck to all who apply!


Coming July 28th, I will be releasing The Only Half Saga Omnibus! This will be a compilation of the first three books in the TOHS, exclusively on Kindle Ebooks! 1,078 pages of Cabal goodness!

There will be alternate cover art for each entry, and extras such as the original covers and a timeline of all existing TOHS stories... including some no one's seen yet! :)

Preorders are available now! Title will go live on Friday, July 28th!