The End of the Matter Cover

AAAAANNNNNNDDD we're back! Thanks for stopping by and seeing all the awesomeness donated to me by my friends and fellow creators!

This is the second to the last chapter of the story... O_O That's right... so within 18 months I foresee this title being no kidding completed! O_O

This is like the wrap up chapter... so I COULD do away with the epilogue and get it done sooner, but there would be ABSOLUTELY no fun in that because there is some pretty awesome stuff going on in the Eplilogue! :)

Comic of the Week 6

Souls Journey by Kyu

A young prince is cursed, waking up to find himself trapped in the body of a wolf. He struggles to find a cure for his current form with the reluctant help of a forest wolf who saved him.

Lasalle's Legacy by Bukittyan

Jonathan LaSalle admired his deceased father and became captain of a merchant ship to be just like him. Then his half-brother Jared comes into his life, telling him of a zombie pirate who very much would like to see both of them dead thanks to their father's actions. Jonathan and Jared need to overcome their mutual dislike of each other and work together to defeat the zombie pirate.