Here Comes the Bride

Another page that took me a WHILE! Lots of details to ensure were in place, a reverse view of the cavern where Tom entered, all kinds of stuff!

So a couple of new characters here. Front row we have Max... David's best friend from as far back as High School. Next to him is a complete newcomer, Sarah Roy... I will remain mum on her role in this final chapter... because it would be no fun to spoil things now. Of course opposite Sarah is Maribel... behind her is Blue.

The gentlman on Angelina's arm is the Father of the Bride, Paco Cortez. Paco is Marlin's brother and has suffered at the hands of Marlin's quest for more power (Was one of the first companies to be taken by Marlin INC.). He's only been mentioned in this story. You'll note a complete absence of David's family here... X( Poor guy, they used to think he was dead now they just ignore he exists.