There is Always Hope

Almost 11 years 6 months to the day, since Gemutations: Plague breathed life as a webcomic. It has been an amazing ride... a huge learning process...

I've gained a lot of followers along the way, and the feedback and suggestions have always been welcome! I truly appreciate what you guys have brought to my website!

First Christmas

Starting Monday December 18th and running through Christmas, I'll be posting a bridging story, "First Christmas" which will tie this story's end with the next comic endeavor's beginning!

It will be a prose entry, but I'm breaking it up into what I hope are reasonably digestable chunks!

Each entry will have teaser art, but it will not be comic pages per say...

I hope you'll enjoy them, it's the entire gang spending their first Christmas with new loves and new friends...

Next Comic Endeavor?

Yup... Starting in January (I'm hoping the first but it depends on a couple factors), I will be rolling out Michael. It takes place in the Gemutations Universe and is sixteen years post the end of this story. You can certainly stop by the site and poke about... Don't get too attached to the cover and the credits... I'm of the mind to change them both! :P

Donation Button

While I know that the title is one update away from being finito, I did want to give my readers an alternative to Patreon (ESP considering they turned around and put the fees on the patrons. boo...)

So the donation is for one time donations of any amount, if you have paypal or a credit/debit card it will handle both. Funds are to be used to help compensate time to create pages and help towards hosting costs. If you would like me to make a subscription service through the site let me know! (because it runs much like Patreon used to, where the fees come out of my end not added on to your end.)

You can Find the button in the upper right of thepage under my social media buttons.

Thank you for your support over the years! Please consider donating