Gemue Zodiac: Pisces

Continuing with my Gemue Zodiacs...

I found Pisces to be a harder gemue to draw... I wanted to keep with the traditional two fish, head to tail like most zodiac symbols I've seen, but it didn't look right on "paper".

So I fudged this one somewhat. Originally I was going to make the Fish gold and Pisces another color, but I rather like what I settled on here!

I'm pretty proud of this one down to the scale brush I made for texturing their skins.

I will be posting my next Zodiac (Aeries) on Monday, simply to get us caught up, and then I will put the rest of the zodiac pieces up on or around the time they will "come into their house". :) I've already got Taurus drafted, I just need to buckle down and get it finished in digital!