Guest Cover Art!

Welcome to the 18th consecutive chapter of Gemutations: Plague!

Today's cover comes to you courtesy of Blue6, a fellow Spiderforest Comic Collective member and one half of the creative team behind the webcomic "The Revolution" (Sadly still on hiatus... :( I miss it!).

I put out feelers months ago about having someone do a guest cover for me and she gladly stepped up to the plate. And I think this exactly fits the mood for this particular chapter of the tale!

I will not elucidate on who we are looking at...though I did drop some clues at the end of the previous chapter. This chapter will be the first time this story that Angelina gets the spotlight. How in the world did I miss that opportunity?

Comic of the Week

This week I bring you Dark White, a fantasy/horror webcomic by Lilly

The story follows a very ecclectic group of characters through a very dark tale of war and rising evil gods. Lilly's takes on the four horsemen of the apocalypse are amazingly creepy. The story is amazingly good - will keep you hooked from beginning to end. The art matches her storytelling skills. An awesome webcomic I would recommend to anyone. I will warn you it is a MA venture because of the gore and violence found within it's pages. Still she takes a tasteful approach to it all.