Wastin Time

Steve, his usual (im)patient self. I'm not sure if I love or hate Bruce. I think I just hate drawing vehicles in general.

I think the pier came out great though and the water too.

Did anyone note how Steve parked the truck? Shame on you Steve and you were a former sheriff too. :( X)

I gave a hearty welcome to our new forest dwellers last week and this week I'm going to start highlighting smaller batches of them. So please take a look at:

Esanguine -- Sci-fi/drama... The story follows a man who was created as a living cure-all, a fate he's not at all comfortable with.

Heracles Knot -- Urban Fantasy/ Supernatural. Follows a group of people training to become Wardens for The Order, a group that keeps the peace between the human and supernatural and Fae. The story has a really organic world-building style, good character designs and more!

Daniel -- Horror... vampire horror! Daniel is about a young grave digger who pines for the hand of Christine. When he goes missing, she worries, when he returns, she finds herself even more worried, because Daniel isn't the same. WARNING: Graphic violence