Wake up Call

And we kick off the climactic chapter of the entire story with a face full of monstrous snake. No wonder Tom freaks out! LOL

10th Anniversary Kicks Off!

That's right this week back in 2006 Plague began its run over on Drunk Duck! It's been through three interations (IE homepages) including Comic Genesis and it's final home at Spiderforest!

To help celebrate this momentous occasion I am going to be running a contest! Name that frame has proven popular in the past but I've never done it for Plague before!

So here's how it will work. Beginning this Friday and running each week through May 13th, I will post a page of images from the comic (in no particular order). The contest is simple, gather a list of where each image originates in the archive! (Such as Image 1 comes from One Step Closer page 22 **This is just an example and is no way an answer to the first image!**).

After the last page(or each week if you prefer) I ask you email me your list. This compilation will be due by May 20th! The winner will get a free full color single subject digital commission (Worth about $50).