Not Going to Let You Die.

Woo hoo! Storylines once more converge! David shows up just in time (?) Well we hope at least. And of course he takes notice of Ben's handiwork.

Hope that antivenin is powerful... and I hope he administered it in time to save Tom.

Comic of the Week 7

6 Commando by Mr. Average

An alternate history comic about the Cold War.

When Major Sara Bronniford is captured during a Cold War mission, MIKE, an AI controlled super-tank, is sent in to retrieve her. Something goes wrong, (or perhaps right?), MIKE begins to take no one's orders but his own. While he returns with the Major, he's changed, and so is she. On top of it all their actions set off a war that may lead to the nuclear.

The Demon Archives by Dan (story) and Sebastian Piriz (Art)

Another Post-Apocalyptic story and one just as AWESOME. Tenzin is a soldier fighting to protect the last bastion of Civilized Society. When his team The Keleres are killed on a supposed rescue mission by high tech and unknown assailants, his life is changed forever - mentally and physically scarred, he fights to find the truth of the situation. It may be a picture he doesn't want to see.